Landowner Updates

Landowner Updates

Landowner engagement and updates

We are committed to engaging with all our stakeholders to understand and exceed their needs.

We recognise that not all landowners like the annual letter process as a way of keeping safety critical information up to date. We’ve therefore initiated a review to improve our communications in this area. We started this off with a survey and followed up with focus groups.

This is just the beginning of our engagement on this topic as we seek to further understand and resolve issues and create a collaborative relationship to keep the country’s gas network safe.

Output from our engagement to date:


Landowners would like:

National Grid is:

National Grid to be present at Country Shows again as we used to be.

Looking into a number of ways that will help us keep in contact. You'll hear more about this in Gridline and on this Talking Networks site.


Landowners would like:

National Grid is:

Notice from National Grid when accessing our land. A letter is useful, but a call or text 24 hours before would be beneficial.

Investigating the possibility of putting this into place.

Some useful facts and interesting stories about National Grid in our Gridline magazine.

Looking at what interesting facts we can include, starting with beach to meter to show where the gas comes from. It would be great if you could let us know if there is anything specific you'd like to hear about.

A reply from National Grid everytime we contact you - this doesn't always happen.

Taking intermediary steps to ensure we always reply. At the same time we are looking at a long term solution which will prevent this from happening again.

National Grid to create awareness as to when we need to contact you to carry out works.

Working with other networks to raise visibility of the dial before you dig the website and exploring other options to makes this a self service solution e.g. an online ChatBot. If you'd be interested in being a part of what this looks like, please get in touch.

National Grid to advertise Plant Protection turn around time for farmers doing work.

Making sure you should receive a response following an enquiry within 7 working days, working to 2-3 working days where we can. We are working on a communincations programme to advertise timescales.

Annual Letter process

Landowners would like:

National Grid is:

An incentive from National Grid to return our response and reduce the return time to 14 days so the letter isn't put to one side and forgotten about.

Reviewing the entire Annual Letter process to ensure it works for everyone. You'll hear more about this in Gridline and on this Talking Networks site.

To understand from National Grid why we need to complete the information on the letter as this is not legally required. Could you incorporate a line in the Easement that we are required to supply this information?

Developing a communications plan to enhance understanding around the reasons for this process. This is not a legal stipulation so we are unable to amend the Easement document. The information shared within the process has significant safety implications.

National Grid to improve the wording in the current letter; it sounds like you are demanding the information as opposed to requesting it.

Now using new letters that have been reworded to reflect this.

National Grid to be consistent with the letters, sometimes we receive them and sometimes the occupier receives them or vice versa or even both.

Investigating this to ensure the letters are sent to the correct and appropriate landowner or occupier.

National Grid to update our details when we have provided you with new information - this hasn't always happened.

Working on an entire new process which will prevent this from happening - we apologise this has happened.

National Grid to let us know why you send the letter out annually.

Working on a communications plan to advertise this. As part of our safety regulations we must contact all landowners to ensure they understand the safety precautions and that we have the correct contact details.

National Grid to collate parcels of land together and reference correctly so it is easier to understand.

Looking at the options available to simplify them, ensuring they are easy to identify - we understand that our maps are complicated.

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