Other Consultations

Other Consultations

Throughout the year we will be engaging with you on a number of our performance consultations, all of the information relating to these consultations will be stored on this page for your convenience.

The latest of these is our Network Outputs Methodology consultation for Electricity Transmission, which you can find in the link below.

Network Output Measures Consultation 2017

The UKs onshore Transmission Owners have been working hard to revise our Network Output Measures Methodology, and would appreciate stakeholders views on the attached documents. We are running 2 public stakeholder events on the 21st of March in Glasgow, and the 23rd of March in London. To contact us (about the methodology or the stakeholder events) please email us at Box.ETAM.NOMsConsultation@nationalgrid.com.




Gas Ten Year Statement

The Gas Ten Year Statement (GTYS) is published annually to provide you, our customers and stakeholders, with a better understanding on how we intend to plan and operate the gas National Transmission System (NTS) over the next ten years.

We use GTYS to provide information to help you to identify connection and capacity opportunities on the NTS. We summarise key projects and changes to our internal processes that may impact you.

We provide updates on current and future challenges which impact the way we plan and operate the NTS. We also discuss what we’re doing to address them as System Operator and Transmission Owner. We are keen to engage with you to get your feedback on what we’re doing and how we’re doing it.

NG Gas Transmission - Ten Year Statement 2015

For further information please e-mail: .Box.SystemOperator.GTYS@nationalgrid.com

Electricity Ten Year Statement

The Electricity Ten Year Statement (ETYS) was first published in November 2012 to combine the former National Grid electricity publications, the Seven Year Statement (SYS) and the Offshore Development Information Statement (ODIS).

We publish the ETYS annually in our role as National Electricity Transmission System Operator (NETSO), with contribution from the GB Transmission Owners including Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission and Scottish Power Transmission. This ETYS is part of the annual electricity transmission planning cycle and shows the likely future transmission requirements of bulk power transfer capability of the National Electricity Transmission System (NETS). We assess transmission requirements by analysing the 2015 Future Energy Scenarios (FES), which help us capture a wide range of future needs. The transmission requirement we present in the ETYS refers to the wider transmission system reinforcements only.

NG Electricity Transmission Ten Year Statement - 2015

 For further information please e-mail .box.transmission.etys@nationalgrid.com 

Gas Distribution Sale

In February 2016, National Grid published a consultation stakeholder document outlining our proposals on how key services delivered to the industry will continue to be provided following the sale of a majority stake in our Gas Distribution Network business. Stakeholders were given the opportunity to comment on the proposals so that these views and concerns could be used to inform further activity and/or recommendations as the sales process moves forward. We would like to thank stakeholders for their engagement in the process so far.

We have now produced a response document from the feedback we have received providing further details where it has been requested. We also highlight the responses we have had to the questions we asked and also outline the next steps.

Gas Distribution Sale - Response document


Once again we would encourage any feedback that you have regarding the areas identified in the document. All feedback and any requests for further information should be sent to: box.GDxHaveYourSay@NationalGrid.com<mailto:box.GDxHaveYourSay@NationalGrid.com


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